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Jourdan Dunn in Vibrations Chromatiques for Vogue Paris, August 2011

Shot by Hans Feurer

Styled by Marie Chaix

Makeup by Lloyd Simmonds

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" "I am from the Philippines and I would like to share my story.
I’m 23, single and apparently, don’t have kids. I got my lovelines from growth spurts when I was in highschool. I was petite back then and over the years while my body develops continuously, the more lines i got. I have them all over my butt, thighs, knees and even on my calves. Honestly, I really don’t like them and it really makes me insecure having them. I never get to wear bikinis bcoz I was too shy. I was jealous of my friends who get to flaunt their bikini bods. On the bright side of things, i stumbled upon your page on Instagram and saw those pictures of brave women and that made me realize i was not alone. Seeing those pictures made me change my view about my body. All thanks to you and all those great gorgeous women. Although I haven’t totally accepted these marks, I know that it shows my body’s journey into becoming a beautiful woman. Now, i am gradually loving these lines and hopefully soon I would have the courage to flaunt it.”

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another amazing #loveyourlines submission.

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Michael Caine 1969


"Lichte Visionen" Oluchi Onweagba photographed by Ruven Afanador for Vogue Germany 1999

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He told me that he could look at anyone’s face, and tell them exactly what they need in life. I asked him to give me a try. He studied my face, looked up at the sky for a few seconds, then said: “You don’t need anything.”

(Jammu, India)


Paul Almasy

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Wayne Miller



mjood by  ــدsa ع adســ  on Flickr.

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L’homme sur les quais (1993), directed by  Raoul Peck

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A refugee carrying his cholera-stricken wife away from the fighting during the Bangladesh war in 1971. Photo by Mark Edwards

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Omg…this picture. It’s sad but it’s beautiful.


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